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Ipagbabawal na ang pagpasok sa Singapore simula Lunes ng 11:59 PM

Dahil sa patuloy na pagdami ng imported cases sa Singapore

Dahil sa patuloy na pagdami ng imported cases sa Singapore, ang lahat ng mga short term visitors ay hindi papayagan na pumasok o mag-transit sa Singapore mula 11.59 ng gabi sa Lunes (Marso 23)



[Sent by Gov.sg – 22 Mar]

COVID-19: Additional border control measures
To focus resources on S’poreans

➡ From 23 Mar 2359hrs:

All short-term visitors:
No entry/transit through S’pore


For work pass holders:
Entry/return only for those providing essential services (and their dependents)

All S’pore citizens, PRs and Long Term Pass Holders returning to S’pore
From Hubei province: 14-day quarantine
From all other countries: 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
👉 Comply with SHN/Quarantine orders to limit spread of virus

Malaysians with S’pore work permits:

  • Will continue to be able to work in S’pore during this period, with appropriate accommodation arrangements
  • Transport of goods between Malaysia and S’pore will be facilitated

More: go.gov.sg/travel22mar

Source : The Strait Times ; Ministry of Health Singapore; Channel News Asia

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