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Philippine Eagle in Singapore Jurong Bird Park. It EATS MONKEYS! Saving eagle from extinction.

After learning from an update in Singapore President’s Facebook page that she visited Philippines Eagle Centre in Davao city and an Icelandic travel vlogger, FinnSnow, mentioning that a pair of Philippine eagles is in Singapore, Vloggers Karen and Tony decided to visit them, and show them with a warm welcome.

They visited the National bird of the Philippines, the Philippine eagle in Jurong Bird Park. This National bird faces extinction and is a highly endangered species. Only less than 500 individuals remain in the wild. Jurong Bird Park hopes to eventually breed and reintroduce the birds back to the wild.

Philippine Eagle lives for around 30 years. Out of which, 2 years are spent breeding one baby eagle. Deforestation and hunting has greatly threatened the species.

Range: Mindanao, Samar. Leyte and Luzon
Diet: Small mammals and reptiles. Also birds, bats and monkeys. It actually eats monkeys?!?!

The eagle, considered as one of the most powerful, largest and most majestic eagles in the world, and with a wingspan of almost seven feet — can only be found in the Philippines. Woo wow!

We made used of the opportunity of free admission to the park from 6-15 Sep for local residents.  That includes Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Employment Pass holders. This was the school holidays week, the perk drew family crowd and prompted schools to organize visits to the bird park for students. How cool is that.

Entry fees to the park on a regular day:
• Adult Ticket: $25.50
• Child Ticket: $17.00

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